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Civil War Sesquicentennial
Top Attractions There's so much to see and do in the Mississippi Hills. Faulkner once said he could spend a lifetime writing about it - you could spend a lifetime exploring our top  events and  attractions .


African-American Heritage

"Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in t...



They came. They saw. They conquered. And then they built. Th...



"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks." - Ten...


Civil War

"it takes an awful lot of character to quit anything when yo...
Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area

Welcome to the Mississippi Hills

Welcome to the official website of the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area (MHNHA), designated by Congress and the President in April of 2009. Bounded approximately by Interstate 55 to the west and Highway 14 to the south, MHNHA covers 19 full counties and portions of 11 others in the northeastern part of the Magnolia state.


Crossroads of the Confederacy

Fiery fields, a famous Forrest in an adventure that goes deep into the fray.

When it came to fighting in the Mississippi Hills, the Confederate Army may have been outgunned, but it was the Union Army that got outfoxed, repeatedly, as the Confederates stayed in the game by staying on their toes: their tiptoes, that is. P.G.T. Beauregard sneaked his men out of Corinth in the dark of night to evade capture; in the light of early morning, Earl Van Dorn and his men sneaked up on Grant's forces at Holly Springs to devastate Union supplies.


The March to Freedom

Out of bondage into brilliance: Let your eyes see the glory on a journey to freedom and greatness.

If American civil rights was a journey of a thousand steps, those first steps were taken here by some remarkable people. People like Ida B. Wells, who was born a slave and became a hero to millions as a crusading journalist and activist; and James Meredith, an Air Force veteran who’d answered his country’s call with honor and saw no reason for America to give a deferment to his own dream.


American Cultural Icons

A Nobel venture, a royal welcome on the road to musical and literary genius.

Let’s start with the facts: the artists of the Mississippi Hills rocked the world, and the roll call of genius you’ll meet on this tour is pretty amazing:


High Notes: Hernando, Olive Branch, Nesbit, Southaven

People from all over the nation came to be pronounced man and wife here. Before he was a millionaire and Civil War legend, Coroner Nathan Bedford Forrest pronounced people dead here. Here, John Grisham wrote his first best-selling prose and at the turn of the century, a thriving community of musical talents arose; artists who migrated to Memphis when they weren't playing minstrel or medicine shows.


Hills Celebrities

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